NATO Advanced Research Workshop on


The Alexander Hollaender Course “Humogef”

Kraków, POLAND  23.06.02.-27.06.02.



from the training with the application  of the Trad-SH assay


One of the training was design to apply a well known bioindicator based on screening of the gene mutations in Trad-SH assay. Although time for the training was rather short and not each team was able to accomplish a comparison between two separate treatments with the last one (combined treatment), the mutations induced by various doses of radiation screened and evaluated by sixteen international teams resulted in a very good dose response curves presented on figures 1 and 2.




Fig,1 and 2 Dose response curves for gene mutation frequency induced by radiation resulting from average of the measures performed with Trad-SH bioinicator.  Figure 2b shows dispersion between measures reported by various teams of the NATO ARW “Humogef” participants.